how many raft guides does it take…

Yesterday I lucked into getting off work just in time to get a phone call from Christian informing me that a boat had wrapped around a rock at one of the spots I regularly shoot. The ordeal lasted over three hours and involved several different plans and attempts at pulling the raft from its firmly secured spot around the rock. No one was harmed and the guests in the initial raft were able to switch into another raft and finish their trip nearly uninterrupted. I think when all was said and done, I counted a total of at least 12 guides actively involved in the rescue of the boat.

what I've been up to…

I promise I haven't fallen off the photography bandwagon. In fact, I've been photographing more than ever on my own free time and for my job this summer. As mentioned in my last post, my recent co-ownership of the Campbulance is a big part of my days with all the work we've been trying to get done with the conversion. Most of my personal photography lately involves documenting the process for our update posts. As for my job, I'm a whitewater photographer for one of the local rafting companies, which means I spend a large portion of my days hanging out on the side of a river watching and waiting for rafts to come paddling down towards me with my camera at the ready.

I love my job. Not only to I get to be outside for the majority of my day, but I'm doing it with a camera in my hands, which is something that has only been true since I moved to Colorado. Never did I imagine I'd find a way to make photography my full-time gig by moving here for a seasonal winter job, but low and behold, things have finally started working out for that to be the case.

Below are a few of my favorite shots from the season so far.

the campbulance.

Most of you that follow along on this blog know me through other avenues as well, so you might already know about my newest endeavor. For those that don't, in brief, my boyfriend Christian and I have purchased an old ambulance with the intentions to convert it into a camper. A Campbulance, if you will. We are set to fly into Detroit tonight and drive down to Ohio (thanks to the help of one of my college friends in Detroit) to pick it up and begin our first adventure in it.

Despite having not even seen it in person, it's already been an entertaining roller coaster few weeks as we've set this plan in motion.

You can catch up on our few blog posts here: and then continue to follow along as we attempt to journey to the east coast before heading back to Colorado.