black's beach 1.

Right before Christmas, I had some old college friends visit me here in San Diego. We spent a few days down in Ensenada, Mexico working with a church and then headed back up to San Diego so they could enjoy the sights here. Unfortunately, torrential rains hit the coast and we were barricaded in my house for most of the remainder of their time here. Two of them took off  for Louisiana and later that same afternoon, it stopped raining. In an attempt to enjoy the little bit of dry weather, my friend Josh and I went and hiked down to Black's Beach. Normally a nude-friendly beach, we lucked out and there wasn't a soul to be found. It. Was. Perfect. The seagulls were out in full force and the sky was a perfect blue painted with leftover clouds from the storm. I had a blast running down the beach through the flocks of birds, trying to get the perfect photo of them flying off. This is one of many I took and I'll be posting a few more from the trip later on.