on a rooftop in brooklyn.

I was thinking about Brooklyn tonight. Not so much the place, but the experience of it. My trip up there in September included visits with a number of old friends, the most significant of which is my friend Kevin from high school. It had been years since we'd seen eachother, but as always, it was like we'd never spent a day apart. Two of the three people pictured in the photograph are friends of his (the third…on the left, is Kevin). One, I've known for years as well, having met him during Kevin's freshmen year at Columbia during my first visit to New York City, and the other, I'd just met. The thing that I will always adore about this particular group of friends is the immediate intimacy established as soon as you're introduced to the group. Whether an old friend or new acquaintance…you're family. I don't know why I'm reminiscing quite as much as I am about them right now. Maybe it's seeing this photo and remembering the sticky hot day in Brooklyn, sitting on the roof of their old house, sandwiched between high-rise condos. Maybe it's because I've been missing them lately. Or maybe it's just a random unearthing of the fondness I have towards this group of people. Regardless, I love this photo. Especially how you can just feel the intimacy and love in this moment between the three of them.