10.15.13 : snoqualmie falls.

On my way to North Bend, Washington, I swung over to nearby Snoqualmie Falls to check out yet another waterfall (I have a weakness for them, ok?) and was surprised to find it right there on a busy road with a hotel built looking down upon it. I guess I got spoiled by the hike-in spots I'd been previously visiting. The falls were gorgeous, however, and I enjoyed the fact that they seem to be fairly famous for its appearance in the tv show, Twin Peaks (which I'd heard of, but never seen). Having added a new tv show to my docket of Netflix shows to watch this winter, I moved on, satisfied that I'd crossed yet another waterfall off my list.


This is my attempt at "free-lensing" – a technique that involves removing your lens and holding it freehand to replicate a tilt-shift effect. I found my results to be more like a pin-hole camera than a tilt-shift lens. I suppose that means I need more practice.