getting personal.

I'm not entirely sure where to start for this post, so I'm just going to dive right in. 

My sister had a few seizures last week and as a result, they discovered what the doctors are referring to as a "mass" on her right frontal lobe. I flew out to Huntsville today to be with her and my family as she undergoes a biopsy and surgery to remove the mass. Strangely enough, this isn't the first time we've gone through this together. The first time was 17 years ago and it was my dad who had the tumor. I won't go into details about it, but the experience rocked me to my core and changed our family in a way I never could have predicted or would wish upon anyone.

Thankfully, this time is different. My sister is being incredibly strong and positive and she sees every detail of the way things have unfolded as a blessing…and it has been. From the fact that my mom was on the phone with her while she had her first seizure to the convenience of the timing with me being able to take off work without hassle to fly out here, everything has happened in the "best" possible way it could.

My biggest struggle so far has been staying in the present and not letting myself go down the path of reliving the emotions and fearing the same outcomes from 17 years ago. In the week leading up to traveling out here, I surrounded myself with friends every night and kept myself busy with work and socializing to keep my mind from wandering too much.

Now that I'm here, I'm dealing with it in the best way I know how…by documenting it. My sister is so amazing that she gave me permission to take photos of the experience. It's definitely helping me focus my energy on something that can distract me from the realities of the situation while still letting me be present for her and the rest of my family. I'm so proud of her strength and openness and can't wait to see her get through this with flying colors.