I had to bust in on Sean and Alicia sleeping peacefully at 5am this morning to say my goodbyes. I'd already warned them the night before that I wanted to take a photo of them holding stickers that a friend of theirs had dropped off. They read: "igbok" and they stand for "It's gonna be ok." How appropriate given that's what Sean's response to everything we've had thrown at us has been since the beginning of this ordeal.

I also had Sean take a few of Alicia and I together, and in true form, my sis insisted I help her put on some lip gloss before he took any. I can't reiterate enough how amazing it's been to see my sister's personality shine through every moment of this experience.

I was angry I didn't get to stay long enough to accompany Alicia home today, but I suppose it's appropriate that we both made our way to our prospective homes simultaneously. By the time I landed in Eagle, CO, I'd received a text informing me of her successful return home. My mom snapped some iPhone photos of the event, which I've included below. The most heartwarming photo of all is of Tate and Alicia cuddling in her fancy new La-Z-Boy recliner together tonight. I'm so happy she is finally getting her cuddle time in with Tate.

My flights home were pretty non eventful given that I'd escaped last night with a mere hour of restless sleep, so I didn't even wake up until we'd already entered the front range of the Rockies. Perfect timing for me, however, because I got a phenomenal view of my home and workplace, Beaver Creek Ski Resort as we descended into the mountains to land. It was actually warmer here than in Huntsville was when I left, so I took the opportunity to enjoy the sunshine and went snowboarding as soon as I got home. Lucky me that I have such a wonderful outlet to clear my head right at my fingertips.

I don't snowboard on the job yet (I'm a photographer at Beaver Creek) because I haven't passed the test, but Alicia and I agreed that if she can conquer brain surgery then I can sure as heck pass a stinking snowboarding test! Now I have no excuse to give up or slack off my attempts at getting better. Every turn I made today was with her and her determination on my mind. I already miss seeing her smiling face and hearing her endless diatribes of convicted encouragement and determination. That girl just can't and won't be kept down at any cost.

So this is where all of you come in. I'll keep the updates coming your way if you keep the photos coming my way. I want nothing more than to give regular reports of progress, but I want to hear about it from those of you that get to visit her in person over the course of the following weeks and months. Please take some photos while you're there and email them to me: ChelseaRoberson@gmail.com

It's gonna be ok. Don't you forget it. Don't you let me forget it. And don't any of you dare let Alicia forget it.