3.28.14 : second-to-last day of radiation.

My sister's last day of radiation is on Monday. Sadly, I have to fly home Sunday, but that doesn't make it any less exciting. They only radiate her on the weekdays, so today was her second-to-last day. The radiation technicians are incredibly friendly and helpful, so they graciously let me accompany her into the room and see how they set her up. They've got it down to such a science now that it only took a minute or so before we were shuffled out of the room to the other side of the thick radiation-proof door. Her last week of radiation has been a concentrated and very specifically aimed dosage, so the actual process takes only 7 or 8 minutes at most.

My last day in town is tomorrow since my flight leaves early on Sunday morning. We've already picked out the fun activity we'll all do on her day off from treatment and I can't wait to share photos of it with you.