stopping in spuzzum.

There are no shortages of places to explore in the general vicinity of Vancouver, BC. Lucky for me, I was able to fit quite a lot in over the course of my eleven days spanning from Christmas Day to just past New Years. Sometimes my explorations simply took me past interesting places, but didn't grant me enough time to actually stop and wander on foot. Spuzzum was one of those places. We almost drove straight through it without stopping, but I'd seen something worth a second look, so Jeff diligently turned his truck around and we made a few laps on the side streets as I instructed him to slow or stop whenever I spotted a photo I'd like to take. This tiny church sat on a corner and felt like it was straight out of a storybook with it's cute little steeple and snow-covered steps. How could I resist? IMG_8963

san diego at sunrise.

Most of my traveling via air has me going east, so I usually end up on very early or very late flights out of San Diego. A trip I took to Atlanta last year found me taking off just after sunrise, so I made sure to have my camera at the ready just in case the view was anything worthwhile. I'm glad I did, because the plane looped around right after takeoff and gave me the most breathtaking shot of San Diego Bay from above.

the zebra-donk.

In a small Arkansas town by the name of Kensett, there exists the only Zebra-donkey I've ever seen… unless you count the ones in Tijuana with their hastily painted on stripes. I've never known the story behind the creature, but it's always been this novelty to go see him when I'm in the nearby town of Searcy visiting my family and alma mater. I returned only a few weeks ago from what's seemingly becoming an annual visit, but was sad to realize I'd skipped the field-trip to see the Zebra-donk this time around. Luckily, I went last year with my nephew, sister and camera in tow. I figure, he's enough of an oddity to warrant his own photo blog entry, so in an attempt to kickstart me back into posting on this blog, here you go: