Miguel is a real estate agent in Tijuana. He was also the best dressed man at the 2011 Tequila Expo.

mexican parrot.

While touring through the Valle de Guadelupe, I came across this beautiful parrot being kept by the entrance of one of the wineries. Parrots are native to this area and I see them flying around in packs around my neighborhood sometimes. They really make quite a ruckus when you get a group of five or so squawking their little heads off as they fly past you. This little guy didn't make a sound, but seemed intrigued by my camera for a second or so before giving me a sideways glance as I took his photo.


valle de guadelupe.

A couple months ago, a friend and I went down to tour the wine country in Mexico. About an hour south of Tijuana, the drive down the coast was absolutely breathtaking on the sunny warm day. The area is called Valle de Guadalupe and stretches down a long road dotted with small towns and wineries. We experienced the high-end places that made you think you were in Napa Valley and other more rustic places down winding dirt roads that might tempt someone to skip the return trip back up to the states. It was a beautiful day trip and I'd recommend it to anyone visiting Southern California in the near future that doesn't mind crossing the border.