10.12.13 : cascade falls

I skipped Washington. Don't worry, I definitely did the Washington coast, but I had a goal to be in British Columbia for their holiday weekend (Canadian Thanksgiving!) and my plan just didn't leave enough time to do the Washington coast on the way up.

Having visited the greater Vancouver area three times in the last few years, I'd have thought I'd exhausted the local waterfalls, but in fact, there was at least one I hadn't seen yet, so my friend Jeff and I headed that way on my first day there.

It was a perfectly beautiful fall day, only tainted by some unfortunate graffiti on the rocks surrounding the falls…left for us by the class of 2014. I'll try to avoid a soapbox rant, but seriously people…if there's one thing that should be left untouched by the hands of miscreant youths, it's nature. Go graffiti something manmade and leave my waterfalls alone!

Ok. Rant over.

I also have to give some photo credit to Jeff, whose hand is pictured in the photo of him taking a photo of me on my iPhone (a gal's gotta Instagram). He came up with that one all on his own.


fireworks on the beach.

It's kind of a given that anyone with even the slightest bit of shutterbug lurking within them will have their camera out and at the ready for their local fireworks on the Fourth of July. No one can resist trying to get a unique shot of something so fun and beautiful to photograph…and who can blame them?! Imperial Beach, the town I [still] reside in just south of San Diego, had their first firework show this year. They set off the rockets from the pier and everyone gathered on the beach to watch them light up the sky. I'll admit, it was one of the better shows I've seen in my time. I, liked every other camera-wielding individual out there, took quite a few shots of the show, but this one was my favorite.