surfer girl.

For those unaware…lately, the slacking off on posting photos to this blog has come as a result of tending to a new blog project I have going on. It's a collaboration between myself and my good friend Ashley Selby called Face to Face. I would dive into an indepth explanation on here, but if you read this recent article written about it, you'll be filled in on all the juicy details.

For those of you too lazy to read the article, here's a link to the blog with the explanation at the top. Please check it out and add it to your feeds! I'll be trying hard to keep up with this one as well, but my focus has definitely shifted in the past few weeks.

The photo posted here is actually a throwaway from this past week's post for Face to Face. I loved both this photo and the one I chose, but felt the other was more fitting for Face to Face.