blow hole.

While visiting the beautiful island of Aruba, I decided to spend a day exploring the island by bicycle. Sadly, not only is the island a pretty difficult place for bicyclists (the locals don't like sharing their already-too-narrow roads), but the crazy wind paired with an incredibly heavy beach cruiser and the 100 degrees/100% humidity weather made the task I'd set out to do nearly impossible. I made it about a mile and a half from my starting point and gave up for a while to simply stroll down some deserted cliffs and beaches I came across. While walking I found this lovely blow hole that was spouting water every few seconds, so I went over to take a shot of it. As soon as I crouched down, the water stopped coming, as if to mock my attempts at capturing the action. I sat on my heels for a good ten minutes, taking three or four shots every time I thought I heard water gurgling up towards me before I managed to sufficiently snap this lovely shot of the glistening water.

Worth it, right? I mean, come on…who doesn't love a good photo of water in action?