on the pier.

Today was a wonderful Easter. My roommates and I (along with the help of one of their visiting moms) hosted an Easter lunch/potluck. Lots of people showed up, and although I didn't really know any of them, it was a great time. Later, after the people dwindled down, the remaining group of us ventured out to watch the sun set at the beach. We spent a bit of time on the pier after it got dark and luckily, I brought along my camera. I was saving this photo in the "April" file for my blog photos and noticed I posted one a year ago today…which happened to be this photo of a cobblestone road in Philadelphia. It struck me how starkly different my life is now compared to a year ago. Not only in geographical terms, but in every aspect.

The contrast between the photo posted a year ago and the one taken today is a perfect representation of how constant change is in my life, and I'd like that to be a running theme as long as I can manage it.

I'm going to be making a huge effort to start getting out and taking more photos in the coming months. I've even got some new projects underway. One of which is a collaboration with a close friend. I'm so excited to get it started and I know it'll tug at my creativity and force me to work on my photographic eye again.