rusty old brooklyn bridge.

Well over a month ago, I took a week-long trip up to New York City and Philadelphia. I've been putting off editing and posting photos from the trip long enough, so here goes. I'll be posting quite a few in the coming days, but I'm going to try to keep them in chronological order as I go. This is from my first day in The City. I arrived at 5:30am and crashed at a friend's house in Brooklyn for a few hours to recover from my red-eye from San Diego. I filled the rest of my day with walking around the city accompanied by my great old friend Greg from high school who recently returned from his time overseas with the Peace Corps. Every time I visit New York, I require a trip across the Brooklyn Bridge, so we ended our afternoon with a breezy warm walk across the famed bridge. It's always a personal challenge to myself to grab a unique photo while there, so this was one of the shots I got this time around.