9.5.13 : San Francisco Day 2.

You can probably assume from the content of my photos that my focus was not on exploring cities on this trip up the coast. With that being the case, I sought out a popularly Instagrammed spot (somehow I ended up following a bunch of folks in the San Fran area on there) called Mount Davidson. I'd seen some pretty beautiful shots done in the area and wanted to avoid the city as much as possible (a shame, but I know I'll be back at some point).

I had to wind around through a maze of streets with some impressive looking houses and incredibly steep hills before I came across an entrance to the path up one side of the mountain park.  It was a perfect foggy morning when I got there, which made for some great photos and a nice contrast to the blue skies from the day before. Surprisingly, I had the place to myself that morning, so I got to explore without interruption.

As I hiked up through the chilly fog, I rounded a corner to see a giant white cross rising up in front of me. The way it seemed to disappear into the white of the fog was enchanting to me and it was all I could do to pull myself away from taking a hundred photos of the same thing.