9.5.13 : San Francisco Day 2.

You can probably assume from the content of my photos that my focus was not on exploring cities on this trip up the coast. With that being the case, I sought out a popularly Instagrammed spot (somehow I ended up following a bunch of folks in the San Fran area on there) called Mount Davidson. I'd seen some pretty beautiful shots done in the area and wanted to avoid the city as much as possible (a shame, but I know I'll be back at some point).

I had to wind around through a maze of streets with some impressive looking houses and incredibly steep hills before I came across an entrance to the path up one side of the mountain park.  It was a perfect foggy morning when I got there, which made for some great photos and a nice contrast to the blue skies from the day before. Surprisingly, I had the place to myself that morning, so I got to explore without interruption.

As I hiked up through the chilly fog, I rounded a corner to see a giant white cross rising up in front of me. The way it seemed to disappear into the white of the fog was enchanting to me and it was all I could do to pull myself away from taking a hundred photos of the same thing. 



Yesterday was my last day in Philadelphia, so I spent a good part of it doing what I love to do most there…reading in the park.  I finished my book, packed up my things and started to head out.  I spotted this sweet looking man sitting on the wall with a chess board laid out and no one to play with.  I walked over and chatted him up a bit and asked if I could take his photo.  He agreed, but was extremely shy and wouldn't look at the camera.  I never ask people to look at me when I take their portrait, I just let them do what is most comfortable for them.  I really loved the way the sun created a subtle halo of light outlining his face.  He said he moved to Philadelphia in 1993 from Michigan and comes to the park as often as he can to play chess. I think one of the things I'll miss most about Philadelphia is the times I had in the park, whether it was with a good book or good friends, and definitely all the amazing photographic opportunities I was given because of it.


spare smoke.

This lovely gentleman came up to the group of people I was hanging out in the park with one day to bum a smoke off one of them.  I couldn't pass up getting a photo of his sweet face.  I did make him pretty uncomfortable and he walked away fairly quickly after I snapped a few shots.  Luckily, I got a great one before he scuttled away. 7-24-09