the gnarly hand.

I was trying to clean out my photo archives and get rid of some of the useless duplicates I always take when snapping photos and came across a folder of some street art I'd taken up in Northern Liberties (a neighborhood of Philadelphia) on a bike ride one day. This was taken back in June of 2009. It's not like most of the other photos I post here, but I liked it anyway, so I figured I'd post it.


When I got back to Philly Friday night, I was able to enjoy some incredible alone-time on my good friends' roof deck (from which the other Philly skyline photos were taken). I sat for a while enjoying the perfect weather and beautiful skyline paired with the pleasant noises from the street below before breaking out my camera to get a few shots. Since I've been on their roof so many times and taken so many photos of that exact view of the skyline, it's always a challange for me to come up with new and unique angles. Lucky for me, their neighbor's roof had a leaky air conditioner that granted me a snaking puddle of water to play around with in my viewfinder. I love how inky black the water looks. 8-19-09

ice party needs.

This was the other photo that I liked from my night shooting on Monday.  I loved this old sign and since I didn't have a tripod, I was using a strategically placed rock to set my camera on.  This allowed me to get some nice plant action in front of the sign for a little more interesting shot. 8-5-09(2)