Yesterday was my last day in Philadelphia, so I spent a good part of it doing what I love to do most there…reading in the park.  I finished my book, packed up my things and started to head out.  I spotted this sweet looking man sitting on the wall with a chess board laid out and no one to play with.  I walked over and chatted him up a bit and asked if I could take his photo.  He agreed, but was extremely shy and wouldn't look at the camera.  I never ask people to look at me when I take their portrait, I just let them do what is most comfortable for them.  I really loved the way the sun created a subtle halo of light outlining his face.  He said he moved to Philadelphia in 1993 from Michigan and comes to the park as often as he can to play chess. I think one of the things I'll miss most about Philadelphia is the times I had in the park, whether it was with a good book or good friends, and definitely all the amazing photographic opportunities I was given because of it.