surf city.

In a continuing effort to update my photo blog more, I'll be digging through my archives for the little gems I let get past me the first time I edited through. This photo is from my thirty days of travel last September. It was taken right here in Imperial Beach, where I now live. During the few days I stayed here was also when I made the decision to move here in January. Not a bad choice.


For those of you that don't know, back in September, I got to do a wonderful thirty days of traveling thanks to JetBlue's wonderful All-You-Can-Jet Pass. While traveling, I went to Aruba for the sole reason that it's the first word in the song Kokomo. This photo was from my first night there after I'd gone on a beautiful sunset snorkeling tour that my couchsurfing host had hooked me up with via some friends of his that ran a water sports company on the beach.

par for the course.

I took this on an afternoon of golf with the wonderful group of guys I was staying with in San Diego during my travels. It was warm and sunny and the perfect day to spend at the wheel of a golf cart (I served as a driver) as the guys enjoyed their game.