county fair [2].

I realized tonight that I hadn't posted a photo up here in well over a week.  I'm ashamed...I'd been doing so well until now, but I managed to slack off and forget again.  In my defense, I've spent the past week or so getting ready for a showing of my photos at the cafe I work at, so I haven't been completely uninvolved with my photography, it's just been in a different format. So, enough excuses from me...I've reached into my archives again and found this photo (it could easily be the sister photo of this one...taken the same balmy August night in fact).  I love the colors and last light of the day fading into the background of the fair.  And yet again, Ashley and Joel are unsuspecting subjects!


on our porch.

I took this from the front porch of Ashley and Joel's old house on Friday night.  It was a gorgeous warm night, and as the sun set and the chirping of the crickets began, I couldn't help but feel nostalgic about the times we'd spent on that porch and in the yard having cookouts and enjoying eachother's company when I lived there.  I hope we can be near each other soon to start enjoying a new front porch together. 5-20-09

laundry day.

I had edited this photo a few days ago and was waiting to post it, so now seems as good a time as ever since my card seemed to choose to corrupt on me tonight when trying to load my photos (keep your fingers crossed that I can retrieve all of them!). I took this while Joel, Ashley and I were doing our ten million loads of laundry the first day I got to Shepherdstown.  I hadn't done mine since before Valentine's Day (I know, I'm a disgusting human being) and they had only been doing what they needed, so had a lot of blankets/sheets/towels laying in waiting to be washed, so we just went for it all, taking up most of the washers in the place at one point.